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Pennsylvania State University
GEOG 010
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GEOG 0104 December 2013Lab ReportState College is a very big biome that comprises most of the Pennsylvania state geographic region The region is influenced by the areas physical geography climate geology landforms soils vegetation and land uses State College is known to lie in the Appalachian region of the United States The state of Pennsylvania is divided into three different regions Piedmont Plateau Ridge and Valley Region and the Allegheny Plateau State College is located in the Ridge and Valley Region that consists of parallel mountain ridges separated by deep valleys This topography is the result of relatively tough sandstone at the ridges tops and relatively soft shale as well as limestone in the valleys where historically sandstone eroded less quickly than the shale and limestoneThe State College region is located in whats known as a humid subtropicalcontinental climatic region Precipitation in this region occurs year round with recent annual averages ranging from approximately 3342 inches The average temperatures year round recently are mild with highs close to 586 degrees and a low of 391 degrees Fahrenheit During summer months temperatures reach a high of only 82 degrees while during winter months the temperature reaches a high of 37 degrees Ironically the winter temperatures are still too warm for snow this could indicate a significant impact global warming is having on the climates of the worldBeing part of the larger province of the Appalachian division State Colleges geological history is illustrated in its ridges valleys and streams The ridges represent the edges of the erosionresistant strata and the valleys portray the absence of the more erodible strata Smaller
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