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SOC 110 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Clan Home, Subculture

8 Pages
Spring 2013

Course Code
SOC 110
Stacy Silver
Study Guide

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Sociology 110 01/29/2013
A system developed for organizing people, cooperating, dividing up tasks, and making decisions for the
good and survival of the group.
Helps you survive
Controls people
Exerts and effect
Key tasks of culture:
1. Spiritually and morality
2. Physical needs Culture Individual
3. Kinship and kids
4. Passing on knowledge and beliefs
Education (family)
5. Defense and control
Culture doesn’t care how these needs get fulfilled or which gender does them.
The process by which we learn and internalize the expectations and beliefs of our culture.
Sociology 110 01/29/2013
Societal expectations for behavior in a given situation.
Social Control:
Attempts to change someone’s behavior from what is defined as “deviant” by the group, to what is defined
as “normal”.
Informal: Inappropriate clothes
Formal: Authorities, prison, suspension
Your culture doesn’t care about you.
People change culture
Culture Individual
A part of society sharing a distinct pattern of values and behavior that differs from the larger society. EX:
Polygamy, Amish
Culture Individual
Sociology 110 01/29/2013
What is sociology? (Why is it useful to you?)
A science of society
Sociology= The scientific study of human groups and society in search of general patterns of behavior and
Making culture visible… Leads to choice
Diversity of language/cultures
Tech advances
Global econ
Time in history
Housing costs

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Sociology 110 01/29/2013 Culture: A system developed for organizing people, cooperating, dividing up tasks, and making decisions for the  good and survival of the group. Helps you survive Controls people                                                                             Exerts and effect Key tasks of culture: 1. Spiritually and morality Religion 2. Physical needs                                             Culture              Individual Economy 3. Kinship and kids Family 4. Passing on knowledge and beliefs Education (family) 5. Defense and control Government Culture doesn’t care how these needs get fulfilled or which gender does them. Socialization: The process by which we learn and internalize the expectations and beliefs of our culture. Sociology 110 01/29/2013 Norms: Societal expectations for behavior in a given situation. Social Control: Attempts to change someone’s behavior from what is defined as “deviant” by the group, to what is defined  as “normal”. Informal: Inappropriate clothes Formal: Authorities, prison, suspension Your culture doesn’t care about you. PART 3 People change culture    Culture           Individual  Subculture: A part of society sharing a distinct pattern of values and behavior that differs from the larger society. EX:  Polygamy, Amish    Culture             Individual Sociology 110 01/29/2013 What is sociology? (Why is it useful to you?) A science of society Sociology= The scientific study of human groups and society in search of general patterns of behavior and  attitude. Making culture visible… Leads to choice Globe                                                        War                                                         Environment Diversity of language/cultures Tech advances Global econ Nation Jobs/econ  Laws/politics Inequality  Media Time in history Community Tradition­Thon Football Drinking Housing costs Sociology 110 01/29/2013 Competition for… Internships Thon Jobs Home Family Religious training Parents education Traditions Bilingual Values Food Contexts Changing Contradictory Co­related Sociology 110 01/29/2013 The Sociological Imagination (C. 
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