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Study guide: eating disorder (8, two different perspectives on disordered eating: the categorical model (i. e. , Ipt (interpersonal psychotherapy) target interpersonal functioning broadly, not body image per se or eating habits: cbt is known to be effective for bn. Intense anger (cid:498)black and white(cid:499) thinking: unstable identify and sense of self, stress-induced paranoia, dissociation, behaviors, frantic efforts to avoid perceived abandonment, stormy relationships, suicidal gestures, self-injury. Impulsive, self-destructive behaviors: treatment of borderline pd, marsha linehan (1993, bpd is challenging to treat, traditional cbt wasn"t working, therapist (cid:498)burn out(cid:499) Impairment in social communication (all 3: social-emotional reciprocity, nonverbal communication, developing, maintaining, and understanding relationships, restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior (2+) Intellectual functioning: 38% have intellectual disability (iq<70, 25% are non-verbal, reasons for referral, problem behavior issues (50% of cases, social development issues (30% of cases, academic issues (20% of cases, treatment of asd, including behavioral approaches.

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