01:830:321 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Eval, People Watching, Motivation

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The content of the self that is our knowledge about who we are self awareness. The act of thinking about ourselves self concept and self awareness create self identity dolphins orangutans and chips have sense of self concept self schema- mental structures that people use to organize their knowledge looking-glass self. We see ourselves and the social world through the eyes of other people and often adopt those views self reference effect. The tendency for people to remember information better if they relate it to themselves dealing with stress depletes self regulation because stress is using those resources. Also weakened at night independent view of the self. A way of defining oneself in terms of one"s own internal thoughts, feelings, and actions and not in term of the thoughts, feelings and actions of other people. Personal, defined by individual traits and goals only they themselves matters, disapprove of conformity, to thine own self be true western idea!

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