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Reward and addiction, depression, anxiety, and stress are all emotional disorders. Pre-existing emotional psychiatric conditions associated with drug addiction: The action was motivated by what? action is fueled by emotion. We all know what it isbut, maybe not. Drug addiction is now called, by dsm v, substance use disorder . Substance use disorder is persistent and repeated drug use despite negative consequences . The term addiction is broadly applied to a broad range of habitual behaviors, called behavioral addictions. You like it, so you do it again: hedonism, rewarding, pleasure, satisfier, positive. The addict"s motivation to take the drug increases, even as the drug"s euphoric effects diminish. The incentive value of the drug, how much the drug is wanted and needed, increases even though the emotional pleasure derived from the drug wanes. The drug addict ends up suffering a miserable existence, wracked by pain and anxiety, stressed-out and depressed.