BIOL 303 Midterm: Genetics Exam 1 Study Guide

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Genetics Exam 1 Study Guide
Chapter 2:
1. What is the difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes?
2. Chromosomes exist in__________ ________
3. What are the 2 arms of a chromosome called?
4. What is another name for homologous pairs?
5. Ho a hoosoes ot pais does a oal hua hae?
6. What is the name for a picture of all chromosome pairs?
7. What are all but the last pair of chromosomes called in humans?
8. What is the last pair of chromosomes called?
9. What is the cell cycle?
10. What regulates the cell cycle?
11. What is apoptosis?
12. What is the difference between mitosis and meiosis?
13. What are the phases of mitosis and what happens in each phase?
14. What are the phases of meiosis and what happens in each phase? (part 1 and part 2)
15. What is spermatogenesis?
16. What is Oogenesis?
17. What do these processes create?
Chapter 3:
1. Who was Gregor Mendel? What did he do/discover?
2. What ee Medel’s fist thee postulates?
3. What is the ratio of the F2 generation of a dihybrid cross? (according to Mendel)
4. What is independent assortment?
5. How do you figure out the number of possible genotypes and phenotypes for
heterozygous pairs?
6. What does chi square test?
7. What are pedigrees used for? How can you tell if a trait is recessive or dominant when
looking at a pedigree?
8. Autosomal traits appear ________ in both sexes.
Chapter 4:
1. What is a wild type allele and what symbol represents it?
2. What is partial dominance?
3. What is codominance and how is it different from partial dominance?
4. What is an allele?
5. Explain the Bombay phenotype and how it works.
6. What is epistasis?
7. What is a locus?
8. For a recessive lethal mutation, how many copies of the lethal allele does a person need
for the effects to take place?
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