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SYRACUSEIST 346JorgensenFall

[IST 346] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam (54 pages long!)

OC30801454 Page
29 Nov 2016
Three immediate time-saving policies: define and formalize how people get help. Like a business advertise your hours of operation and rules of engageme
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SYRACUSEIST 346JorgensenFall

IST 346 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Cloud Computing, Web Service, Data Center

OC30801410 Page
25 Oct 2016
Ist 346 | exam 1 review | fall 2016: one-some-many, what is one-some-many , and describe the one-some-many approach. One - test the update on a compute
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SYRACUSEIST 346JorgensenFall

IST 346 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Nested Raid Levels, Disk Array, Fault Tolerance

OC2351463 Page
30 Oct 2015
In class exam, closed book nothing but your noggin and a writing instrument. Covers everything up to and including this week"s material. You will be gi
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IST 346 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Vmware

OC2682971 Page
10 Oct 2014
The layout of the midterm will be similar to the weekly quizzes. There will be some t/f, multiple choice, and short answer questions. You will have 1 h
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