MATH 147 Final: MATH 147 TAMU Spring2017 Final Practice

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31 Jan 2019

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This review should not be used as your sole source of preparation for the exam. Riemann sum with 4 equal subintervals and using left endpoints: express z 3. Do not evaluate the limit: express the limit lim n n. 5k n (cid:19) 1(cid:21) as a de nite integral. (1 x + x2) dx as the limit of a riemann sum. 1: evaluate z 2, use a geometric argument to evaluate z 3, use a geometric argument to evaluate z 2, find f (x) if f (x) =z x2, find f (x) if f (x) =z x3+1. 1 t4 dt. e t2 dt. cos x. 4 x2 dx: find the area under the graph of y = 1 x from x = 1 to x = 4: evaluate each de nite integral. (2x2 1) dx. 1 (a) z 3 (b) z 9 (c) z 8 (d) z /4.

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