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Political Science
POLS 207

State Political PartiesA To Define a Party in the government i Those officials in government who are elected Ex Rick Perry Obama b Party in the Electorate i Voters who support a given party ex I supportparty c Party as Organization i Offices and staff and administration of the party ex Get messages out organize campaigns B The Responsible Party Model a Ideal model not to describe reality i Parties should present clear and coherent policy choices and platforms to voters ii Voters should choose candidates according to what the parties present not the individual candidates iii Parties should recruit candidates that agree with party positions iv Parties should organize and direct candidates campaigns 1 messagepositions put outposition of the party v The winning party candidate should carry out the party platform once in office 1 Control of electorate b Closest thing to this Local party machinesFactors That Have Weakened Party Control Over Electoral PoliticsA Trend for past 100 years weakening parties B Candidate centered politics and reliance on mass media about THEM not party a Individually centered not party centered C Decline in party identification a Voters not identifying as strongly with one party or another D Split ticket voting a Good indication of the degree to which we have party identification ex Voters who may be D for president may identify as R for congress b Voting for 2 parties in the same election E Increased reliance on primary elections a Voters choosing party representer b Harder to pick someone who represents party fully F Less patronage greater use of merit system a Patronage rewarding supporters of winning party with jobs b Takes away a tie of public and support forG Interest groups and PACs a Political action committeesinterest groups b Helping candidates get elected i Should be the parties doing this based on the model they dont haveeee to reply on parties now Some Pretty Big Flaws In The Responsible Party ModelA Parties do not present clear distinct policy choices a Must appeal to all voters so not distinct choices to appeal to middle voters B Most voters think in terms of party platforms and do not vote on issue a Worried about platforms not candidates C Parties cannot discipline their members tha 5 part of model voters should vote either clear democratic or republican b Parties do not get full support of party platform Party Competition In The StatesA The Effects of Party Competition on Public Policy a Parties will have little impact on public policy whenthere is an unimodal distribution of voters i Unimodal most voters in middle not extreme b Parties will have greater impact on public policy whenthere is a bimodal distribution of voters i Bimodal greater differences in voters distinct parties c WILL matter who gets elected d Expected outcome unimodal voters e What role do parties play at state level i There really is no such thing as one national democratic or republican party ii Political parties in US are very decentralized organizations B Functions of State Party Elections a Structuring elections i Narrow field b Candidate recruitment i Businesscommunity leaders
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