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HRM 2501

HRM 2501 FINAL EXAM SAMPLE ESSAY QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 1. You have recently been appointed to the position of Employee Relations Representative for your unionized organization. One of your responsibilities is contract administration, and, if necessary to be lead investigator for any breach of contract provisions. This last role includes handling preparation and presentation for any arbitration hearing that would arise as a result of disagreements with the union. You would rather not let things get to that point and will be reviewing all relevant steps that should be taken to reduce the possibility of such a union- organization confrontation. What policies, procedures, and interventions would you want to see/put in place to promote appropriate employee behavior, positive union-management relations, and effective contract administration in case of incidents? Points that should be addressed in this answer • Preparation o Employee Manual with clearly defined rules of conduct for employees o Work with Union to insure covered employees are aware of key contract provisions and their meaning o Management training on contract provisions, administration, enforcement o Policies in place on management documentation of all employee or union interactions o Consider establishment of union/employee-management committee to discuss issues and possibly prevent escalation of grievances • Engagement o Open door policy by management to encourage dialogue
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