PSYC 3390 Final: PSYC 3390 - Exam 3/Final

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15 Feb 2017

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8-4 plan may be best for self-esteem. Other plans - bigger, more varied group of peers, greater diversity of classes, more independence. Negative effects may be more about nature of school experience. Teachers" increased emphasis on control is mismatched with early adolescents" increased abilities and desires for autonomy undermines motivation and self-esteem. Success or failure in school depends on effort. Americans typically believe that ability matters more (it"s innate) National system of entrance exams to hs and college. What standards and expectations they have for students. High expectations for students" conduct and academic performance. *^^*not due to differences in iq or ses. Engagement and achievement in hs: beyond the classroom. Engagement: the quality of being psychologically committed to something. Alert, attentive, truly trying to learn the material. High proportion of adolescents are disengaged in school. If parents have high expectations, adolescents tend to live up to those expectations. Relates to adolescent engagement and academic achievement.

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