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GY 105 Final: GY Final Exam Lecture Notes

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GY 105
La Fevor

GY Final Exam Chapter 9A: The East Asian Realm: 1980s Japan- Pacific Ring of Fire 2011 -Very concentrated in the southern part of Japan near Tokyo Mid China- Highlands Northeastern China- Dry winter Northern China- Arid and cold East Asia-No dry season, hot summers Tend to stay near the coast (Easternmost 1/3 of the realms territory) Four Rivers: (North to South) Liao River (Northern-most, goes through the China plain and exits the Bohai Gulf), Yellow river (From West to east exiting the Bohai River), Yang se, and Pearl/Xi Jiang River (empties in the South China Sea) Moving water around Few oil and gas resources compared to what the consume Rare earth minerals (Up in the Northern part of China) Ancient Xiang- gate way of Buddhism and Silk Route Majority is Han and they speak Mandarin Everyone can communicate through a written system Qing Manchu Dynasty (1644-1911 AD) dealt with Britain, France, Russia, and even Japan Communist (Mal Zedong) and Nationalist- Communist won Confucius- influential philosopher and teacher(spiritual) MEIJI (the return of enlightened rule in 1868) introduced aa whole change in Japanese foreign policy, away from isolationism and towards rapid modernization (Japan) Pearl Harbor- taking over territory, after WW2 loses territory -Focuses on industrialization China: Great Leap Forward- a campaign by Chinese communists (1958- early 1960s) to organize its vast population, to meet China’s industrial and agricultural problems. Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution- sociopolitical movement launched by Mao Zedong that took place in China to reassert his authority over the Chinese government (1966-1976) 1976- Mal Zedong dies Japan’s society changes and improves on others Asian Tigers (1960s-1970s)- Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore; rapid industrialization and high-value-added goods (products that increased the net worth) Interactions between North and South Korea East China Sea, ownership and claim of this region Chapter 9B: The East Asian Region Complexed political division Beijing- Capital, Forbidden City, central, tradition China After Great Leap Forward- agriculture rebounds More open form of communism One Child policy (1979-2015) Now they have a two child policy -Imposed on Han families Rural to Urban Migration Seven SEZs since 1980s all located in China’s specific coast: used to attract foreign investment and technology transfers. The Core is near the East Coast/Shanghai (expanding towards the interior part of China) A lot of people send money back home to other places in China Shanghai- China’s largest city “New China” Hukou system, in Taiwan and China like having a social security, that tells you where you live and where you go to school, health care, and housing. Megacities are growing The interior: The Northeast Plateau region (Loess) light in color and ends in the river (yellow river) South Tibetan Plateau- border tensions with India Wigers- Muslim Mongolia- Giangos Con (South Korean capital) Seoui- never the DMZ of North Korea Japan: Northern part of Japan is more remote, flatter than the South Geo thermal energy, new focus as opposed to Nuclear energy Right now Japan is down and China is up China has four of the top ten cities in the world Tokyo is the largest city in the world Taiwan- Technically part of china right now Shang Kailgh was exiled here Well- founded education system Tightly linked with China’s SEZs Chapter 10A Southeast Asian Realm: Indochina Mix of mainland and insular (offshore) countries Volcanically active Pacific ring of fire Earthquakes Tropical zone/Tropical climates Indonesia and Philippines dominate Archipelago-island chain Boards of the Realm 2004 undersea earthquake Borneo- Part of Indonesia, 10% (plant and animal) biodiversity, mini-continent, no volcanoes, lane bridge between Asia and Australia, Transition zone Primary threat Oil Palm. (50% of things we see in the grocery stores have palm oil in it) 4 Major Rivers (population tends to gather around these areas); The Mighty Mekong (located in China’s Tibetan Plateau, dam, hydroelectricity, exits near Vietnam) Red River of Vietnam, Chao Phraya River in Thailand, Irrawaddy River in Myanmar with its largest city, Yangon sitting on the delta. Indonesia’s Java population cluster, growing in part of migration from China. Largest Immigrant group are Chinese. More than 2/3 of Chinese people live in this realm Religion: Hinduism and Buddhism from South Asia Islam from Southwest Asia (Indonesia) Colonial Heritage; European “keep and divide” Colonial Imprint: (Figure 10A-6) French, British, and the Dutch, Netherlands, Spanish French Dependency-Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia “Spice Islands”- (Maluku Islands in Indonesia) By the Dutch due to the commerce in spices carried on by Arab, Indian, and Chinese traders. Dutch East India Company- commercial arm of the Dutch government Spanish control of Philippines, Spread Catholicism and starved off Islamic Philippines: President Rodrigo Duterte Singapore- Emerging markets Is a leading node- point of connectivity to wider economic network. Trade and for shipping ASEAN: Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Late 1960s): -Supranational organization with goals of realm-wide political stability increased AFTA: The Free Trade Agreement of the ASEAN (1992) lowered tariffs and increased trade within Southeast Asia. TPP (Trans-pacific partner ships) a trade agreement which had been worked on for decades that would eliminate a lot of trade tariffs. Focus on jobs in America. Which was scrapped. Geopolitics (Page 530-531) The Chinese claim 80% of the South China Sea. Chinese can extend their territory out to the sea, also building islands Political Geography- boundaries are bot
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