HD 382 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Shared Parenting, Preterm Birth, Social Capital

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27 Jul 2018

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In much of the world, working to help support the family (filial duty) is expected of young adults: where there is poverty, we see the greatest economic dependence on the younger generation. Western countries: those who do not reside with their parents confront more difficult adjustment problems, but use more direct, problem-focused coping strategies. Job opportunities: more young adults are now living with their parents well into their 20s in the u. s. , which has led to the empty nest being redefined as the "full nest" "boomeranging", for many young adults, represents a contemporary rite of passage. Interparental conflict negatively affects young adults" social adjustment and intimacy with parents: also impacts other intimate relationships. For parents, the previous relationships with their adult children require alterations to support their children"s allegiance to their spouses or partners. It is important to respect the feelings of all family members.

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