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Hadas Steiner

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Review notes for midterm Saturday, March 22, 2014 9:13 PM - Architecture ideas and there implementation ○ Think synthetically about the material we have covered - Use two or 3 architects to answer questions - 2-3 short answer questions ○ Will likely be a question on the sublime - Understand the narrative of the history and its elements ○ Ex: How did the renaissance propagated as a style throughout Europe? - Dates do not have to be exact ○ Mid, late, early century - How was architecture deemed to repress upon the soul in the 18th century? ○ Prisons ○ Ideas of the sublime - How are some ways Burk used the sublime and the beautiful? - How were these principles applied to factories and prisons? - How did Viole le Duc and Gesult works elevate the work of architecture to something nobleing? - What did the individual architecture treatise represent in the history of ideas and styles? ○ Alburt
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