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NTR 402 Final: Lecture 19

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University at Buffalo
NTR 402
Melissa Genoveses

Lecture 19 eating disorders 1) Nutritional Concerns a) Weightrelated concerns are one of the most common nutritional concerns in westernized societies i) Food abundant ii) Yet, thinness is valued 2) Eating DisordersDisturbances a) Continuum from mild dissatisfaction to clinically diagnosed disorder b) Effects on health can be extreme i) Body dissatisfaction dieting behavior disordered eating clinically significant disorder c) Why do weightrelated concerns peak during adolescence? i) Physical changes cause body dissatisfaction (1) Both women and men ii) Need for social acceptance among peers (1) Wide variation in growth rate comparison iii) Hormonal changes iv) Media (1) Adolescences are much more susceptible 3) Dangers of dieting a) Dieting often used in adolescents that are not overweight b) Often use unhealthy dieting practices i) Skipping meals ii) Severe calorie restriction iii) Cut out whole food groups iv) Media influence c) Restricting behaviors lead to i) Hunger and carvings for specific foods ii) Binge eating episodes d) Restrained eating significant predictor of eating disorder risk among female adolescents i) Ultimate danger ii) Strong correlation 4) Body dissatisfaction a) Contributing factor i) Dieting behavior ii) Disordered eating iii) Clinical eating disorders b) Increases dramatically i) After the body weight increase that occur around time of menarche ii) The time with the most dissatisfaction iii) More education on normal body changes 5) Eating Disorders a) Anorexia Nervosa i) Extreme weight loss, disturbed body image, irrational fear of weight gain ii) 0.2 1.0 of young women; 90 are female iii) Lowest rate of eating disorder
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