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University of Maryland
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BSCI 201
Justicia Opoku

Facial Expression Epicranius Frontal Belly- raises eyebrows (cranial aponeurosis/ skin of eyebrows) Occipital Belly- pulls scalp back (occipital bones/ galea aponeurotica- top area of skull) Orbicularis Oculi- closes eyes (frontal and maxillary bones/ inserts of eyelid tissue) Orbicularis Oris- closes lips (maxilla, encircles mouth) Zygomaticus major- smile (zygomatic bone/ skin at corner of mouth) Zygomaticus minor- smile (zygomatic bone/ skin at corner of mouth) Buccinator- compresses cheeks (mandible/ orbicularis oris) Mastication- JAW Masseter- prime mover of jaw closure (zygomatic arch/ angle of mandible) Temporalis (temples)- closes jaw (temporal fossa/ coronoid process of mandible) Human Neck Platysma- tenses skin of neck (deltoid/ lower margin of mandible) Sternocleidomastoid- flexion of neck forward (medial of clavicle/ mastoid process of temporal bone) Thorax, Shoulder, Abdominal Wall Different Pectoralis Major Portions- prime mover of arm flexion rotates arm (clavicle/ short tendon in humerus) Serratus Anterior- rotate scapula (lateral aspects of ribs/ anterior surface of scapula) Deltoid- PM of arm abduction (acromion/ deltoid tuberosity of humerus) Pectoralis Minor- draws scapula forward (anterior surface of ribs/ scapula coracoid process) External Intercostals- elevate rib cage (inferior border of rib/ superior border of rib) Internal Intercostals- depress rib cage (superior border of rib/ inferior border of rib) Diaphragm- PM of inspiration flattens on contraction (costal cartilage/ central tendon) Rectus abdominis- rotates vertebral column (pubic crest/ xiphoid process) External obliques- compresses abdominal wall (anterior surface of 8 ribs/ pubic crest) Internal obliques- compress abdominal wall (iliac crest/ pubic crest) Transversus abdominis- compresses abdominal contents (iliac crest/ pubic crest) Human Trunk Trapezius- rotates scapula (thoracic vertebrae/ acromion of scapula) Latissimus Dorsi- PM of arm extension (lumbar vertebrae/ floor of humerus) Muscles of Rotator Cuff Infraspinatus- lateral rotation of humerus (infraspinous fossa of scapula/ greater tubercle of humerus) Supraspinatus- lateral rotation of humerus (supraspinous fossa of scapula/ greater tubercle) Teres Minor- lateral rotation of humerus (lateral margin of scapula/ greater tubercle) Teres Major- rotates humerus (inferior angle of scapula/ intertubercular sulcus of humerus) Rhomboids Major- stabilize scapula (spinous process/ medial border of scapula) Rhomboids Minor- stabilize scapula, located more superior than major (spinous process/ medial border of scapula) Humerus that act on Forearm Triceps Brachii- forearm extensor (inferior of glenoid cavity/ olecranon process of ulna) Biceps Brachii- flexion of elbow (coracoid process of shoulder joint/ radial tuberosity) Brachioradialis- synergist in forearm flexion (distal end of humerus/ styloid process- radius) Brachialis- flexion of forearm (distal of anterior humerus/ coronoid process- ulna) Pronator teres- pronate forearm (medial epicondyle- humerus/ midshaft of radius) Flexor carpi radialis- flexor of wrist (medial epicondyle/ base of metacarpals) Flexor carpi ulnaris- flexor of wrist (medial epicondyle/ base of metacarpal 5) Palmaris longus- tenses skin (medial epicondyle/ skin of palm) Extensor carpi radialis longus- extends wrist (lateral supracondylar ridge of humerus/ base of metacarpal 2) Extensor carpi radialis brevis- extends wrist (lateral epicondyle of humerus/ base of metacarpal 3) Extensor digitorum- prime mov
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