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SOC 148
Rob Beamish

10/28/2013 Interested in patterns, not the specific events Blue scantron – 50 questions (UCD 2000) 15-20 questions of multiple choice 10 questions or less that are short answer Answer specifically the best you can – write what the questions asks CB AND CA – not completely opposite, but mostly that they put a different emphasis Many people concentrated in space and time – disaster hits, you have to act Collective episodes happen How are collective episodes understood? Gustave Lebon – Collective Behavior Started the belief that crowds are crazy Psychologically painted the picture of the person in “the crowd” (the term he coined) Stuck with the essence part of a mass that are not rational lost their ability to be reasonable because they were in a crowd Collective Action view How could you understand movements and simply describe them as just a “crowd”? People are actually much more critical Blumer didn’t like how collective behavioralism was so negative toward groups He started to look at the way people think Why people succumb to group behavior, especially collective behavior, is when they enter a social situation, there is a moment of interpretation that happens Ex: entering a party, lots of people in the room (collective) You scan, figure out what’s happening, and you can relax after That moment of interpretation acts like a buffer If something happens, you don’t know what to do, the buffer is broken, and you become part of a milling process, start of excitation Leads to the process that’s part of a current, hysterial current According to blumer, the more excited you get, the more you’re susceptible This underlies an extemporaneous Wish fulfillment in a society where we’re less ascribed we are unsure about where we are in society our wishes turn into navigation points wishes are important for fads and fashions “crazes” - given b
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