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University of California - San Diego
Cognitive Science
Sarah Creel

Short answer questions Answers may be more than one word 2 pts per blank1If a Greylag Gooses egg rolls away from her nest she will automatically roll it back with a repeated specific action This is an example of aan fixed action pattern2Evidence that there may be aan critical period for language learning in humans is that late learners of ASL showed better mastery of the language over ten years later if they began learning it at a younger age3During classical conditioning training an unconditioned stimulus is paired with a conditioned stimulus resulting in a conditioned response when the conditioned stimulus is later presented alone4George Miller argues that our shortterm memory is limited not by the number of physical units it can hold but instead by the number of chunks of information 5In BaddeleyHitchs model of shortterm memory the central executive utilizes the outputs of the visuospatial sketchpad and phonological loop6Multiplechoice questions test recognition of the correct response Fillintheblank and freeresponse questions instead ask you to recall the correct responses 7Research on spaced practice effects demonstrates why distributed practice is better than cramming8You run into a cognitive science professor in the mall It takes you a bit longer to recognize them here than when you see them on campus This is an example of context effects 9Reaction times decrease get faster as the degree of mental rotation decreases 10 According to statistical learning models of language infants will consider syllables that have high transitional probabilities to be part ofThe same word
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