KAAP430 Study Guide - Final Guide: Dont, Skeletal Muscle, Eccentric Training

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Max force that a muscle or muscle group can generate. 1 rep max; max weight lifted with a single effort start with warm-up; add weight until only 1 rep can be performed. Takes into account velocity (power= force x velocity (distance/time)) *able to apply strength to help with power (power is more important than strength in many sports) power= ability to quickly generate force. Ability to do repeated muscular contractions over long period of time. Increase endurance by increasing strength & metabolic activities. # of reps at 1% rm (usually 75%) Athlete b and c are stronger than athlete a (higher kg lifted for 1 rm) Athlete a has same power as c, and more power than b. Athlete a has same endurance as b (75% 1 rm, both did 10 reps of 75% of weight lifted) Athlete a lifted 100 kg in s (velocity= 120) Athlete b lifted 200 kg in 2 s (velocity= 60)