NRRT 1100E Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Cruise Lines International Association, Culinary Tourism, Glamping

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The following is a general guide that will provide some direction and guidance in your studying for. Quiz two over chapters 5, 6, 7 and 8. Please contact me if you have any questions (via the. Four major issues in transportation: safety and security, congestion, environmental damage, seasonality. Major types of transportation and characteristics of each rail service: motorcoach- greyhound, mega-bus automobile industry cruise industry. Struggles of the airline industry terrorism/security fuel costs sluggish economy impact of low fare economy airlines. Different types of transportation and characteristics of each slow tourism- walking, biking. What is the most environmentally friendly form of travel: motor coach industry. Amtrak: u. s rail service is managed under this, operates on a subsidy by the federal government, has new high speed train located in the ne. What is the fastest growing segment of travel: cruise industry. Important transportation organizations: aba, faa- federal aviation admin, aaa, ata- air transport association, clia- cruise lines international association.