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PSYC 3230

Test 5 Review 1) Transient psychotic symptoms are often seen in which of the following personality disorders? 1. schizoid and paranoid 2) The single best word for the person with paranoid personality disorder is a) mistrustful 3) The fear of ________ is a common issue for dependent and borderline personality disorders a) abandonment 4) Individuals with schizoid and paranoid personality disorders differ significantly in their a) level of emotionality 5) ________ personality disorder is much more common in men than women and involves the exploitation of others without remorse a) antisocial 6) Both a lack of parental indulgence and parental overindulgence have been proposed as explanations for ________ personality disorder a) narcissistic 7) Alack of parental indulgence of a child’s overconfidence might play a causal role in ________ personality disorder a) narcissistic 8) Which of the following is most likely to be mistaken for shizoprenia? a) schizotypal 9) The individual with avoidant personality disorder is unlikely to develop lasting relationships as a result of their a) fear of rejection 10) Which of the following differentiates the borderline from antisocial personality? a) self-injurious behavior 11) Like many individuals with personality disorders, individuals with histrionic personality disorder are rarely able to maintain relationships over time. Why? a) their need for attention is likely to drive others away 12) Which is NOT part of the clinical picture in antisocial personality and psychopathy? a) careful planning of future activities that will help their families 13) Which best accounts for why women are more likely to be diagnosed with histrionic than men? a) the symptoms tend to be exaggerations of traits normally seen in women 14) Which of the following is NOT a Cluster B personality disorder? a) depressive 15) Which best explains why it is such a challenge to treat personality disorders? a) by definition they are enduring patterns of thought and behavior 16) Which of the following is most typical of the IP attitudes and behaviors of someone with antisocial personality disorder? a) cruel and callous exploitation of others for personal gain 17) The behavioral patterns of individuals with personality disorders a) are thought to be relatively consistent over time, with little adaptation to new kinds of experiences 18) Which personality disorders may be mistaken for anxiety disorders? a) Cluster C 19) Which is most typical of the IP attitudes and behaviors of someone with histrionic personality disorder? a) repeated manipulation of others to gain attention 20) Unlike the person with paranoid shizophrenia, the person with paranoid personality disorder a) experiences, at worst, transient psychotic symptoms 21) Hope believes that she is the ‘star’of her graduate class and that others dislike her because they are jealous of her superior intelligence. She probably suffers from a) narcissistic personality disorder 22) The “clusters” of personality disorders found in the DSM-IV-TR are grouped based on a) symptom similarities 23) John has a great need for order and perfection. What personality disorder does this suggest? a) obsessive-compulsive 24) Why does the person with OCPD have problems in IP relationships? a) they have no time for relationships 25) The histrionic seeks _________, while the narcissist needs________ a) attention; admiration 26) Which statement about personality disorders is accurate? a) the category is broad and encompasses behavioral problems that vary widely in form and severity 27) Personality disorders were once known as a) character disorders 28) Involvement in an abusive relationship would be most expected of the individual with _______ personality disorder a) dependent 29) According to the DSM-IV-TR, which must be true for a diagnosis of a personality disorder? a) the patient’s behavior must not be explained by the presence of another disorder 30) After a single date, Glenn believed that Sam loved her and that she could not live without him. When he told her he did not want to see her again, she became violently angry and manipulated him to stay with her by threatening suicide. She probably has a) borderline 31) James has 2 alcoholic parents. Research suggests that his risk for alcoholism is a) greater than if he had one alcoholic parent 32) Emotional immaturity, low frustration tolerance, impulsivity, and aggressiveness are characteristics of a) the pre-alcoholic personality 33) Which statement about alcohol abuse disorders and other psych disorders is accurate? a) the personality disorder most often associated with alcohol abuse is antisocial personality disorder 34) One of the most frequent causes of divorce in the US is a) excessive alcohol use 35) The most effective approach to alcohol treatment appears to be a) a multidisciplinary approach that may also involve intensive treatment in an inpatient setting 36) Relapses and continued deterioration after treatment for alcohol abuse are generally associated with a) a lack of close relationships with family or friends 37) Drug abuse and dependence are most common in what age group and in what type of community a) adolescence and young adulthood; economically depressed communities 38) About 100 years ago, the drug ______ was hailed as a cure for morphine addiction; today, the drug ______ is used to treat people with a heroin addiction. a) heroin; methadone 39) Aperson who has just “mainlined” heroin will experience a) a euphoric spasm that lasts for about one minute 40) Which of the following statements about opiate addiction is true? a) addiction involves both tolerance and withdrawal 41) Withdrawal from heroin a) is not always a very painful and sometimes a dangerous process 42) Judd is ready to begin treatment for heroin addiction. Which offers the best chance of success? a) methadone in combination with psychotherapy 43) What is buprenorphine? a) a new medication that is an equally effective sub for methadone but with fewer side effects and no withdrawal symptoms when discontinued 44) Unlike opiates, cocaine a) stimulates the cortex of the brain and induces excitement and sleeplessness 45) Impaired memory and concentration, sluggishness, lack of motor coordination, and brain damage are side effects associated with a) barbiturates 46) An involuntary reoccurrence of perceptual distortions can occur weeks or months after taking a particular drug. This phenomenon is called ______; the drug is called _________. a) a flashback; LSD 47) The hemp plant, Cannabis sativa, is the source of two psychoactive drugs: a) marijuana and hashish 48) Bertha has been drinking to excess for many years. She is malnourished. This is because a) although alcohol is full of calories, it has no nutritional value; alcohol impairs the body’s ability to utilize nutrients 49) Dr. Tong says, “Alcohol abuse stems from a desire by the individual to bring about changes in mood, to feel less stress, and to gain peer approval.” These comments illustrate the ______ of drinking a) sociocultural viewpoint 50) The first stage in the treatment of alcoholism includes a) treating physical withdrawal symptoms 51) An extensive four-year follow up of treated alcoholics found that a) regardless of the treatment used, alcoholics are difficult to treat 52) The abstinence violation effect is a) the effect that physiologically addicting drugs have in making continued abstinence difficult 53) The most frequently cited reason given by addicts for beginning to use heroin is a) pleasure 54) If Gus is like most cocaine-dependent patients, his chances of effective treatment will be reduced because a) he has severe antisocial personality disorder, too. 55) The combination of barbiturates and _________ is a potentially lethal one because each drug potentiates the depressant action of the other. a) alcohol 56) The central feature of alcohol amnestic disorder is a) a memory defect for recent events 57) Many alcohol treatment programs now include a) biofeedback to teach individuals to reduce their alcohol cravings 58) Less than 20% of the world’s population consumes 80% of the world’s alcohol. This 20% comes from one culture: a) European 59) Janet participates in a treatment program in which she receives alcohol after an intramuscular injection of emetine hydrochloride, which induces nausea and vomiting. This is designed to a) induce aversive conditioning 60) Barbiturate withdrawal a) is far less severe than opiate withdrawal 61) Individuals with personality disorders a) are unable to live up to societal expectations 62) What core belief might explain the behavior of an individual with dependent personality disorder? a) “I am helpless” 63) The central problem of schizoid personality disorder is a) an inability to for attachments to other people 64) Symptoms of whatAxis I disorder are present in individuals who develop ASPD? a) conduct disorder 65) Helen is suspicious and doubts the loyalty of even her friends. She is unwilling to forgive perceived insults and never forgets a grudge. She most likely has a) paranoid personality disorder 66) Antisocial personality disorder differs from the other Cluster B disorders in that a) a need for approval or attention is not displayed 67) Charlie has a tendency to be dramatic, emotional, and erratic. He acts impulsively and has been arrested several times. Which disorder does he most likely have? a) borderline 68) Hattie has a dependent personality disorder. This means that she a) has acute discomfort when she is alone 69) Conventional antipsychotics a) work by blocking dopamine receptors 70) Others are needed for self-definition in ________ personality disorder a) borderline 71) Helena has avoidant personality disorder. She is likely to a) be hypersensitive to any sign of criticism or rejection 72) Once called character disorders, ________ disorders stem from the gradual development of inflexible and distorted patterns of behavior. a) personality 73) Schizophrenic disorders seem to be most strongly linked genetically to _________ personality disorder a) schizotypal 74) Children of parents with antisocial personality disorder who were adopted into other families a) developed antisocial personality disorder at higher rates only if their adoptive parents had problems, such as marital conflict 75) The individual with __________ personality disorder is likely to be described as rigid and cold a) obsessive-compulsive 76) Histrionic personality disorder is most likely to be diagnosed in people who a) are attention seeking and overly emotional 77) Henry was a charming middle-aged man who came to the attention of authorities of bigamy charges. He had a long history of courting and supposedly marrying elderly widows, then absconding with their money. a) antisocial personality disorder 78) In research studies, in addition to failing to learn to avoid punishments, psychopaths a) did not show normal fear potential startle responses 79) Which basic personality traits from the 5 factor model seem most important in the development of obsessive compulsive personality disorder? a) high conscientiousness and low compliance 80) What basic personality traits from the 5 factor model seem most important in the development of paranoid
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