ANTHRBIO 166 Final: Chapters 10-16 Review for Second Exam

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30 Oct 2014

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Adaptive strategies a system of economic production (pg. 5 types foraging, horticulture, pastoralism, agriculture, industrialism. Correlates you are more likely to see similar systems or patterns in cultures that use similar adaptive strategies even if they are located very far from each other. Correlates of foraging social group of foraging societies. Band: social group of less than 100 people all related by kinship or marriage. Horticulture cultivation that makes intensive use of none of the factors of production. Pastoralism people whose activities focus on domesticated animals. Nomadism entire group moves with animals throughout the year. Transhumance part of the group moves with the herds but most people stay in one sedentary village. Agriculture requires more labor than horticulture because it uses land intensively and continuously. Greater labor demands reflect its use of domesticated animals, irrigation, or terracing. Domestication human creation/modification of a new animal or plant, identifiably different from its ancestor, intended or not.