COMM 101 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Federal Communications Commission, Narrowcasting, Carrier Wave

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The cultural industries that produce and distribute cultural products such as news shows, tv shows, magazines, ads, music, film, etc. Products that have shared meaning for large numbers of people. The production and delivery of mass cultural products and messages through media channels. Produce and surround us with signs, messages, and meaning. Constructs social meaning and social order: frame how we understand events/people, designate good and evil, successes and failures o. Acquiring the analytical tools to understand how media work and how they make meaning. Examining media critically for cultural, political, and commercial meanings and ideological position. Analyzing the larger ethical and social implications of media systems, processes, and content. The assigning of meaning through language and culture; how we create meaning about the world through communication. Ex: writing the word tree, or showing a picture of a tree. Mass-communicated messages that make limited intellectual and aesthetic demands. Designed for immediate gratification as opposed to long term rewards.