COM 470 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Data Reporting, Social Science, Professional Code Of Quebec

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12 Oct 2017

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Chapter 3; the ethics and politics of social research. Informed consent: a norm in which subjects base their voluntary participation in research projects on a full understanding of the possible risks involved. Anonymity: anonymity is guaranteed in a research project when neither the researchers nor the readers of the findings can identify a give response with a given respondent. Confidentiality: a research project guarantees confidentiality when the researcher can ide(cid:374)tif(cid:455) a gi(cid:448)e(cid:374) pe(cid:396)so(cid:374)"s (cid:396)espo(cid:374)ses (cid:271)ut p(cid:396)o(cid:373)ises (cid:374)ot to do so pu(cid:271)li(cid:272)l(cid:455) Debriefing: interviewing subjects to learn about their experience of participation in the project and to inform them of any unrevealed purpose. This is especially important if the(cid:396)e"s a possi(cid:271)ilit(cid:455) that the(cid:455) ha(cid:448)e (cid:271)ee(cid:374) da(cid:373)aged (cid:271)(cid:455) that pa(cid:396)ti(cid:272)ipatio(cid:374) Institutional review boards a panel of faculty who review all research proposals i(cid:374)(cid:448)ol(cid:448)i(cid:374)g hu(cid:373)a(cid:374) su(cid:271)je(cid:272)ts so that the(cid:455) (cid:272)a(cid:374) gua(cid:396)a(cid:374)tee that the su(cid:271)je(cid:272)ts" (cid:396)ights a(cid:374)d interests will be protected: exceptions.

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