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HIST 103

9/20 march to concord • boston british soldiers marched 6 miles to lexington o did not know of active militia in boston  minutemen  they could be ready in a minute  they were expecting hostilities from the british government  warning system in place, some colonists were to ride ahead if troops were landing  paul revere  silversmith  painter  patriot and revolutionary  volunteer for the early warning system  most influential in the group  when 700 soldiers landed in boston  70 minute men were waiting for the british soldiers  they landed in a wide area  public square  nobody knows who fired the first shot fight in lexington • minute men were not experienced soldiers o most never experienced war  most of them panicked and ran away • Marks the start for the war of independence o April 1775 when they reach concord • few hundred minute men waiting for them o stockpiles of weapons  british defeated  the minute men followed the soldiers back to boston may 1775 • meeting of the continental congress o “second continental congress”  different representatives from last year  they were more aggressive for revolution than the past  george washington  thomas jefferson  john adams  benjamin franklin o met in independence hall  some didn't want independence  what they wanted for the cohesive acts to be repealed  restore business to boston  better relations with Britain  sent a letter to the king  the olive branch petition  stated that they were loyal british citizens  didn't want separation from britain  please stop these hostilities  (had to
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