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HIST 103

9/9 plymouth colony • massachusetts o cape cod area • founded 1620 o pilgrims  persicuted in england  hated the state sponsored church of england  english church was too close to the catholic church  too complex  pilgrims were followers of Calvinism  thought england was a sinful descicant society  drank  profanity  theather  gamble  generally poor  had to get out of england  went to the netherlands  lived there for 8 years  decided that it wasn't any better than england  went back to england and contacted the virginia trading company (to get out as far away from england as possible)  the company agreed to bring them across • Pilgrims left in two ships o one ship started to leak  turned around and the two groups stuffed themselves into the one ship  the Mayflower  one died  they landed much further north than anticipated  before they left the ship they set up a small government  the mayflower compact (the “first” constitution)  to establish government  the majority rule  when they reached shore they found skeletons  assumed it was native americans  Squanto approaches them speaking english  some english fishermen had landed several years before and used the area as a base to fish in the atlantic  all the bodies were the result of disease from the fishermen with most of Squanto’s tribe succumbing • Squanto led the rest of the pilgrims to the deserted village for some to live in o the first winter led to only 42 pilgrims left  after that winter pilgrims thrived  the first thanksgiving  thanking god for the food  with Squanto and what was left of his tribe the colony was never profitable • and the trading company lost interest • it never grew o merged later with the massachusetts bay colony  puritans combined with the pilgrims  the puritans never wanted to move away from england  they wanted to change the church and show an example to england to emulate by english society  the puritans established the colony in 1630  brought over 1500 people  mostly families  formed their own company to travel over the atlantic  massachusetts bay trading company  had a charter from the english government  they came over mostly for religious reasons  they came to establish their own relogion  there was no other religion allowed in the mass
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