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Chapter 2

Sacks Ch. 2 The Lost Mariner

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Kathryn Belicki

Sacks Ch 2 The Lost Mariner March0812 704 PM Jimme G 49 years old admitted to home for the aged near New York City 1975 noted as helpless demented confused disoriented served in the marines as a radio worker on submarines talked about his past as If it was the present thought the present was 1945 and that he was 19years old could recall the past easily but would quickly forget new memories loss of recent memory intelligence was high was able to keep up with quick tasks but if tasks were slow he would forget with recent actions sometimes was able to recollect a faint echo of what may of happened on rare occasion but tended to think it was a past memory happened longer ago than recently stuck in limbo in 1945 no past no future his problem was genuine from multiple tests impression probably Korsakovs syndrome due to alcoholic degeneration of the mammillary bodies lost soul rooted in the past Could he have sustained a massive trauma in 1945 some massive cerebral or emotional trauma in combat in the war that has effected him ever since tests showed no evidence of brain damage mammillary bodies dont show up in such testing served in navy until 1965 entirely competent 1971 Bellevue hospital report saying he was entirel
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