PSYC 1F90 Chapter Notes -Lev Vygotsky, Teratology, Fetus

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15 Apr 2012
Cengage Now: Chapter 3: Human Development
1. As men approach midlife transition, they might experience: [instability, anxiety, and change]
2. Fathers of securely attached infants tend to be: [all of these (outgoing, agreeable, happy in
their marriage)]
3. According to Baumrind, which type of parenting style is likely to produce competent, self-
controlled, and assertive children? [authoritative]
4. According to Erikson, another word for self-respect is: [integrity]
5. When babies are startled with an unexpected loud noise, they often make a "hugging" motion
which has been described as the: [moro reflex]
6. Owen, aged 7 years, sits in his mother's office and tells her that he can make twice the licorice by
stretching out the whip to be longer. This is an example of Piaget's concept of ________.
7. When a gene is ________, the feature it controls will appear every time that it is present.
8. When evaluating the quality of a daycare, parents should NOT consider: [the frequency of toys
per child]
9. During the preoperational stage of cognitive development, children might be described as being
egocentric. This term refers to: [their inability to take the view point of others]
10. Jason stated that he returned the money he stole from his place of work because he wanted to
avoid prison. Because he was guided by the consequences of his actions, which stage of moral
development has Jason achieved? [preconventional]
11. Donna noticed that her 9-month-old baby became very upset and began crying once she was
dropped off at daycare every morning. This behavior probably illustrates: [separation anxiety]
12. Which of the following is NOT a primary criterion for adult status in North America? [marriage]
13. According to Baumrind, which type of parenting style is likely to produce emotionally stiff children
who lack curiosity? [authoritarian]
14. Following the establishment of a stable identity, Erikson believed that individuals feel a need for
________, which he described as the ability to care about others and to share experiences with
them. [intimacy]
15. According to Baumrind, which type of parenting style is likely to produce dependent, immature
children who misbehave frequently? [overly permissive]
16. According to Gould, at what age do many people experience a minor life crisis? [around 30]
17. When her son, Edward, did not listen to her, Pam rejected the child and refused to speak to him.
This illustrates what type of disciplinary technique? [withdrawal of love]
18. ________ are psychologists who specialize in the study of language. [psycholinguists]
19. What are the characteristics of a "twixter"? [all of these (aged twenty-something, still living in
parent’s home, not married)]
20. Alcohol ingestion during pregnancy is likely to result in birth defects for the fetus. Thus, alcohol is
a: [teratogen]
21. Julie's mother did everything in her power to make the home environment loving and intellectually
stimulating for her daughter. She purchased educational toys and spent lots of mother-daughter
time with Julie in an effort to ________ the home environment. [enrich]
22. According to Vygotsky, where does mental growth occur? [zone of proximal development]
23. Marlene tells her daddy that she is thirsty by making sentences such as "Give milk." This form of
communication illustrates ________ speech. [telegraphic]
24. Virginia, a worker in the toddler room (2 year olds), noticed that all the children in her care are
capable of expressing which of the following emotions? [anger, joy, and interest]
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