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Cengage now ch 14 Q&As

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Kathryn Belicki

Cengage now Ch 14 Psychological disorders1 What type of severe symptom of a personality disorder is associated with a deep distrust of others and a tendency to perceive them as threatening paranoia 2 Which of the following terms refers to a fear of animals zoophobia 3 Latonya interpreted the normal sounds of her stomach during digestion to mean that she had some type of stomach cancer This overreaction to normal bodily function suggests she has what disorder hypochondriasis 4 Often what is considered normal is determined by how society defines it Which of the following terms refers to disobeying public standards for acceptable conduct social nonconformity 5 What chemical might be used to treat some cases of bipolar depression lithium carbonate 6 Schizophrenics often have difficulty focusing on one item of information at a time This illustrates a deficit in selective attention 7 Abnormal behavior has two core features which include loss of control 8 Which of the following risk factors does not contribute to the development of psychopathology wealth 9 What percentage of suicides occurs with victims over 45 years of age 50 10 Which of the following are not characteristics of the disorganized type of schizophrenia coherent thought 11 Which approach to psychological disorders is associated with the belief that anxious individuals have built an unrealistic mental image of themselves humanistic 12is a treatment for seasonal affective disorder phototherapy 13 If one identical twin is schizophrenic what is the likelihood that the remaining twin will develop schizophrenia 48 14 Which of the following is NOT a warning sign of an impending suicide attempt hording prizes possessions 15 Many cultures have culturebound syndromes that do not appear in the DSMIVTR Which of the following refers to a Polynesian disor
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