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Cengage now ch 13 Q&As

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Kathryn Belicki

Cengage now ch 13 health stress and coping 1 Which of the following is not an effective method of handling conflicts making a quick decision 2is an acquired inability to avoid aversive stimuli learned helplessness 3 Which of the following conflicts is most like those we encounter in everyday life multiple approachavoidance 4 Everywhere Steve turned he experienced peer pressure to smoke cigarettes prominent advertising and nicotine cravings Luckily he was able to resist these pressures because he underwenttraining during his antismoking programrefusal skills 5 Willie realized that he should have studied harder and he was upset that he performed poorly on his test Rather than complaining to the professor he yelled at his roommate This example illustrates displaced aggression 6is a term used to describe the links between behavior stress disease and the immune system psychoneuroimmunology 7 Which of the following events might contribute to depressive feelings all of these isolation work pressure breakup from an intimate relationship 8usually increases as the strength urgency or importance of a blocked motive increases frustration 9 A graduate student in psychology who decides on a career where she can use behavioral principles to prevent illness and promote health is choosing health psychology 10 During what stage of the General Adaptation Syndrome model does the body mobilize its resources to cope with added stress alarm 11 Kim used a technique that she learned in class to systematically relax She tightened all of her muscles then voluntarily relaxed them She is using thetechnique progressive relaxation 12 John made a decision at work that got his friend Jill fired When confronted with this information John said You must be mistaken This unwillingne
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