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Kathryn Belicki

Cengage Now ch 18 Applied Psychology 1 According to the text applied psychology is the use of psychological princples to solve practical problems 2 While applying for a government job Rick was asked to submit a detailed description of his skills knowledge and previous work activities When his prospective supervisors conducted athey wanted to determine whether Rick was a good match for the position job analysis 3 Which of the following is not a characteristic of a caring organization encourages pettiness 4 During karate practice Jake was taught to spar as if he were really fighting an opponent who meant to cause him harm This is related to which of the following points in optimal skill learning practice should be lifelike 5 Designers of the international space station are working with psychologists to block visual and auditory contact with others forpurposes privacy 6 At the movie theater Susan wanted to save a seat for her boyfriend by placing her coat in it to inform others that this seat was taken This example illustratesbehavior because Susan is attempting to protect the seat from intruders territorial 7 To successfully acquire a skill feedback might be taken from all of these videotape mirror coach 8 Human factors psychology is also known as ergonomics 9 Which of the following is NOT a major interest of environmental psychologists none of these architectural design stressful environments crowding 10 Which of the following topics might not interest a psychology of law researcher neuroanatomy 11 Satisficing refers to just getting by 12 During scientific jury selection much can be guessed about a potential jurors attitudes by examining demographic variables such as all of these age race education 13 Given the serious nature of human impacts on the environment the emerging ecological worldview suggests that many of the things humans do have unanticipated negative effects on the environment 14 Ebenezer CEO of a pencil manufacturing company believes that h
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