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Chapter 4

SCIE 1P50 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Intraspecific Competition, Primary Production, Niche Differentiation

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Caroline Starrs

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Class #11! ! Science & Society! October. 7, 2011
First Law of Thermodynamics
- Energy cannot be created or destroyed
- Energy can be changed from one form to another
Second Law of Thermodynamics
- When energy is changed from one form to another, some is degraded into heat
- Heat is a less usable form of energy
- Increases entropy in the universe
- Low Entropy - clean room
- Increasing Entropy
- High Entropy - ugly room
- Decrease Entropy: requires work = energy input
Ecosystem Composition
- Producers
- Consumers
- Decomposers
- Make their own food
- Photosynthesis
-6CO2 + 6H2O + -----------> C6H12O6 + 6O2
- Examples?
- Feed on other things
- Herbivores - eat plants only
- Carnivores - eat meat only
- Omnivores - eat both meat and plants
- Detrivores - eat dead stuff
- Break down dead organism and waste products
Energy Flow
- Energy passes from one organism to the next
- Trophic level: each step in this flow of energy
- Food chain: straight path
-Food web
- Interconnected food chains
Food Chain
1. Energy enters ecosystems from the sun
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