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Chapter 10

SOCI 1F90 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Racialization, Frankfurt School, Critical Race Theory

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Michelle Webber

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Chapter 10: Race and Racialization
What is a Minority?
Minority and Majority
Defining feature of the majority is that it is used to control the social system
In Canadian society the dominant group is considered to be white males of European descent
Minority—lack of power is what makes it a minority
Ex. Apartheid system of South Africa
The numerically inferior population dominated the numerical superior blacks
Lasted from 1948 to 1990s
Race : The Social Construction of Difference
Race—socially constructed concept, because genetic differences between races are small
Early research invented the “myth of race”
No evidence that proved the claim that people of different races are are superior or inferiors
Self fulfilment prophecy-if the majority believe minority groups as failures then some will indeed
became failure
Ex. Women and man exam
Racilization—ex. black athletes are better
Internalized racism—can result in identity confusion
Ethnicity: The Social construction of Group Identity
Ethnicity and ethnic group
Ethnicity closely related to migration
The longer immigrants live in Canada the more they look like members of the dominant group
Prejudice, Racism, and Discrimination
Prejudice—ecological fallacy —-exception fallacy
Racism—democratic racism
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