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Textbook Notes for PSCI 2301 at Carleton University

CARLETONPSCI 2301Marc HanveltFall

PSCI 2301 Chapter Notes -Before Sunset, Cephalus, Polemarchus

OC2568879 Page
September 17, 2014 introduction to the history of political philosophy whole context wisdom wiseman socrates is a wiseman impiety daimon spiritual cris
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CARLETONPSCI 2301Dr.K.C.FitzpatrickFall

PSCI 2301 Chapter 1-10: republic

OC338628484 Page
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CARLETONPSCI 2301Dr.K.C.FitzpatrickFall

PSCI 2301 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-3: Glaucon, Thrasymachus, Cephalus

OC3386285 Page
Socrates engages with others by posing questions instead of giving answers. Early in the text, 2 major themes begin to emerge. Question of justice: cen
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CARLETONPSCI 2301Tom DarbySpring

PSCI 2301 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Irony, Socratic Method, Meletus

OC24206372 Page
The apology of socrates is the speech socrates makes at the trial in which he is charged with not recognizing the gods recognized by the state, inventi
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