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Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Sensation & Perception

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Carleton University
PSYC 1001
Vessela Stamenova

Chapter 4 Sensation and Perception PerceptionInterpretation of that sensory informationExperiences can play a roleSeeing a red apple and seeing a speeding car and thinking you need to move so it wont hit youHearing a song but not hearing the wordsBOTTOMUP PROCESSINGTOPDOWN PRCOESSING v SensationTranslation of physical energy from the environment to neural signalsEntrylevel processing based entirely on sensory inputSeeing a colour or seeing movementHearing a songTransductionThe process by which the sense organs convert energy from environmental events into neural activityReceptor cells neuronsSensory coding o Anatomical coding o Temporal coding rate of firingCode a system of symbols or signals representing informationPsychophysics and ThresholdsPsychophysics o Relationship between the physical characteristics of the stimuli and our psychological experience o What can we detect How intense does it have to be How sensitive are we o Gustav Fechner psychophysicist o Wilhelm Wundt introspectionSensationStimulus any detectable input from the environmentFechner What is the weakest detectable stimulusThreshold a dividing point between energy levels that do and do not have a detectable effectAbsolute Threshold minimum amount of a stimulation that an organism can detect vary significantly so 50 of the timeWebers LawFechner also studied stimulus sensitivityMeasured the just noticeable difference JND o The smallest changes in the magnitude of a stimulus that a person can detect
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