PSYC 1001 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Motor Coordination, Narcolepsy, Psychological Dependence

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10 Aug 2016
Oct 16
-Freud was interested in consciousness
Altered states of consciousness
-you are aware of what is going on but not entirely in control.
-mind wandering. Not aware of the situation around you.
-automatic process: ex: driving same road every day and realized sometimes you don’t remember
getting to a certain area before your destination.
Circadian rhythms
-we are more tired in the late afternoon
Body temperature
-drop when you are sleeping or tired
-goes down in afternoon and goes back up in the evening
Disrupting the circadian rhythm
-very few of us follow our circadian rhythm
-shift work is awful for sleep cycle. Also increase cancer, blood pressure, anxiety, stress, depression
-travelling through different time zone
Shift Workers
-you can dream during non-rem however they are less active and insignificant and largely forgotten.
-non-rem are calming and slowing of most functioning
-Rem is active
Sleep cycles
-don’t always need to cycle through all 4 to get back to where you were if you woke up very briefly
-stage 1=5min
-stage 2.
-stage 3: slowing rate of all bodily function
Stages of sleep
-sleep spindles are sudden burst of brain activity
-mental retardation= lack of sleep spindles
-usually we go through every stage early in the night before going to rem.
-time spent in rem increases during night. In length and frequency
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