PSYC 1001 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Conjunction Fallacy, Functional Fixedness, Bounded Rationality

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10 Aug 2016
Chapter 8
Nature nurture debate
-Skinner believes we acquire language through environment.
-Chomsky: even when children aren’t given the best language role models still sometimes learn the rules
and semantics
-they haven’t learned it but children can understand that certain words go together. “Word boom”
-he believes we have to be pre wired to acquire language without learning because grammar is too
complicated for simple teaching.
Nativist view of language
-interactionist: nature and nurture. The brain has special areas fro language but it needs to be taught
extensively by the environment.
Infant speech perception
-each language has specific sounds
-we are pre wired to acquire language. Because we can distinguish between sounds of words, language
and letters
Prelinguistic period
-as they develop babies will use sounds and syllable vowel sounds to express themselves
-the brain develops comprehension before speech
Non-verbal communication
-study of word meaning
-naming explosion is when children acquire words very rapidly in a short amount of time.
-genie does gain a bit of language in the early part of study.
-stimulus sensitivity is caused by life experiences
-she understands instructions a lot more than being able to say the words.
-next step is putting words together (rough time)
-she seems to be going through the same steps as a regular child
-question with if she was born with mental retardation or not.
-every researcher was doing their own research that was specific to their expertise but not hypothesis
was made
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