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Chapter 11

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PSYC 2600
Elizabeth Nisbet

Book notes chapter 11 Basic Concepts MotivesMotives are internal states that arouse and direct behavior towards specific objects or goalsMotives are often caused by a deficit lack of somethingEx if you havent eaten for a while you are motivated by hungerMotives are often based on needs states of tension within a personAs a need is satisfied the state of tension is reducedInternal statearouses and directs behavior toward a specific object or goal satisfy a needMotives propel people to perceive think and act in specific ways that satisfy the needThey differ from each other in type and amountDeficits having a lack of something need not fulfilled drives you to achieve or eat etcMotives may be unconscious in the sense that the person does not know explicitly what he or she wantsMotive psychologists stress that 1 People differ from one another in the type and strength of their motives 2 These differences are measurable 3 These differences cause or are associated with important life outcomes such as business success or marital satisfaction 4 Differences between people in the relative amounts of various motives are stable over time 5 Motives may provide one answer to the question why do people do what they doMotive approach is like a halfway between the intrapsychic and the dispositional domain What drives peopleMurray and needsHe proposed a list of fundamental human needs Each need is associated withA specific desire or intentionA particular set of emotionsSpecific action tendencies
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