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Chapter 5

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Carleton University
PSYC 2600
Elizabeth Nisbet

Personality Chapter 5 Personality Dispositions over Time Stability Coherence and Change Personality Development the continuities consistencies and stabilities in people over time and the way they change 3 Types of Stability rank order stabilitymaintenance of individual position within a group change is called rank order change Mean level stabilityex Political orientation Personality coherencemaintaining rank order in relation to other individuals but changing the way the trait manifests ex Aggression in toddlers is seen through temper tantrums in adults its seen through fighting and instabilityPersonality Change typically internal and are relatively enduring Three Levels of Analysis population levelchanges that apply to the entire population Group differences levelsex ethnic cultural differences Individual differences level Personality Stability over Time Infancy temperament ind Differences that emerge early in life and are likely to have a heritable basisMary Rothbert studied six aspects of temper
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