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Chapter 2

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PSYC 2700
Chris Herdman

Lecture 1 Chapter 2: cognitive approach A.Assumptions: - Assumptions of science • Determinism: lawful, orderly universe  Universe has order to it that we can discover • Finite causation: limited # of factors  Assume there is a finite number of causes for a behavior  We can limit this to a couple of plausible explanations - Further assumptions • Introspection not valid  Hard to see through that method • Ecological validity lab settings, constricts and limits. The idea is that regardless of the lab setting, the findings should still apply to the real world - Measuring information processes • I.V. (independent variable) and D.V. (dependent variable) • Independent Variable à variable you manipulate in your studies. You can change it and then measure it by the DV  Located on the x-axis; studied vs. not studied for test • Dependent Variable à depends on the IV  Located on the y-axis; reaction time, % correct, etc…  Example:An individual is poked and then he/she turns to look at the distraction  Poking someone = IV  Moves head = DV • Multiple IVs can be present when an interaction occurs between variables • Accuracy: correct/incorrect responses • Reaction time (RT in msec)  Ex: simple RT vs. choice RT • Accuracy and Reaction Time  Measured in milliseconds (msec or ms)  1000 ms = 1 second  500 ms = ½ second  250 ms = ¼ second (reaction to light)  100 ms = 1/10 of a second  50 ms = 1/20 of a second (which is surprisingly a long time in cognitive psychology) - Other converging approaches • Brain function  Damage (HM)  Hemispheric lateralization and specialization  Brain imaging B. Standard
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