POLI 1100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Liberal Democracy, Limited Government, Direct Democracy

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30 Jul 2016
Poli Chapter 10
democracy Rule by the people.
direct democracy
A system in which citizens themselves
make the governing decisions.
The French Revolution (1789–99) challenged the “divine right” of kings
and brought the idea of rule by the people and the human right to freedom
and quality to the forefront of political discussion.
representative democracy
A form of democracy in which citizens
elect representatives to the legislature
to make decisions on their behalf.
legislature An institution whose responsibilities
include the approval of legislation and
the raising and spending of funds by
the government.
Liberal democracy omins the ideology of liberalism (discussed in Chapter 3 ) ,
which advocates a high level of individual freedom, with a democratic
system of governing asd on the election of representatives. The power
and sop of government should limited, government should aid by the
rule of law, and the rights of the people should protected.
DEFINITION: A political system that combines the liberal ideas of
limited government, individual freedom, and the rule of law with a
democratic system of governing based on the election of
. Liberal democracy includes the following principles:
• Limits should plead on what governments can do. Those in positions of
political authority should not able to rule in an arbitrary manner; rather,
decisions should take according to established laws and procedures.
• All persons should have the freedom to express their views, including the
freedom to criticize government and the freedom to organize themselves
for political action.
• The communications media should fr of government control so that
diverse sources of information and ideas are easily available to the public
• Candidates and political parties should able to freely compete for
political power.
civil society The voluntary groups and organizations
that are not controlled by the state. transparency In government, transparency
exists to the extent that government operations are visible to the people. People
need access to information and need to understand how and why governments
make decisions to be able to hold governments accountable.
democratic deficit
The substantial level of public dissatisfaction with the performance
of democratic governments and politicians exhibited in declining levels
of voter turnout, low levels of trust and confidence in government and politicians,
increased protest activity, and a feeling that ordinary people have little influence
on government.
Recall procedures allow citizens to remove representatives from office before the end of their
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