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Chapter 7

PSYC 275 Chapter 7: Chapter 7 Summary

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The Visual System
How We See
Light Enters the Eye and Reaches the Retina
The Pupil and the Lens
Eye Position and Binocular Disparity
The Retina and Translation of Light into Neural Signals
Cone and Rod Vision
Spectral Sensitivity
Eye Movement
Visual Transduction: The Conversion of Light to Neural Signals
From Retina to Primary Visual Cortex
Retinotopic Organization
The M and P Channels
Seeing Edges
Lateral Inhibition and Contrast Enhancement
Receptive Fields of Visual Neurons
Receptive Fields: Neurons of the Retina-Geniculate-Striate System
Receptive Fields: Simple Cortical Cells
Receptive Fields: Complex Cortical Cells
Columnar Organization of Primary Visual Cortex
The Case of Mrs. Richards, Revisited
Plasticity of Receptive Fields of Neurons in the Visual Cortex
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