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Textbook Notes at MacEwan University (MACEWAN)

MACEWANECON-102Andrew WongWinter

ECON-102 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5-16: Loanable Funds, Reserve Requirement, International Monetary Fund

OC88244339 Page
5 Apr 2016
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ANTH-110 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-11: Middle Paleolithic, Ethnogenesis, Forensic Anthropology

OC73515112 Page
10 Dec 2015
These goals are designed to help you focus on the main points of each module as well as prepare for the cumulative final exam. Some of the written ques
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MACEWANPSYC-104Mahmoud AdasWinter

104 Chapter 3-4: Chapter 3&4

OC9071527 Page
14 Apr 2016
Dendrites - portion of the neuron that receives signals. Axon - portion of neuron that sends signals. Neurotransmitters - chemical messenger specialize
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MACEWANSOCI-100Stephen SpeakeWinter

SOCI-100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Mcdonaldization, Role Theory, Ideal Type

OC12886795 Page
19 Nov 2016
Framework of cultural elements and social patterns that organize life: the (cid:862)rules(cid:863) Consists of: statuses and roles, social groups, soci
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MACEWANLEGL-210Will RandallSummer

LEGL 210 Chapter ch1-8: LEGL 210 Notes

OC122880455 Page
11 Oct 2016
Sophisticated client: someone who understand the importance of the solicitor client relationship and knows the importance of a lawyer. Knows when to re
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MACEWANPSYC-281Russell PowellWinter

PSYC 281 Chapter 7: Chapter 07 study questions

OC11162723 Page
24 Apr 2017
Distinguish between continuous and intermittent schedules of reinforcement. A schedule of reinforcement is the response requirement that must be met to
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MACEWANPSYC-281Russell PowellWinter

PSYC-281 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Naturalistic Observation, Contiguity

OC11162726 Page
1 Mar 2017
Independent variables are the factors of an experiments that are manipulated and is usually an environmental event or experience of some kind. Dependen
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MACEWANECON-101Alexander GainerFall

ECON-101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8-14: Marginal Revenue, Deadweight Loss, Market Distortion

OC11780762 Page
13 Jan 2017
Internalizing the externality: altering the incentive so people pay attention to the externality. Transaction costs: costs that parties incur in the pr
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MACEWANBIOL-102Cheryl SchmittFall

BIOL-102 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Unsaturated Fat, Saturated Fat, Dehydration Reaction

OC77371214 Page
19 Jan 2016
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SOCI 225 Chapter 4: crime data textbook notes

OC12288042 Page
23 Jan 2017
Depending on the area and crime type, the dark figure of crime can range from only a slight number to vast percentages. Researchers use methods such as
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MACEWANSOCI-100Stephen SpeakeWinter

SOCI-100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Cultural Universal, Hyperreality, Ethnocentrism

OC12886795 Page
19 Nov 2016
Ocial e(cid:374)(cid:448)i(cid:396)o(cid:374)(cid:373)e(cid:374)t (cid:449)he(cid:396)e (cid:449)e"(cid:396)e (cid:396)aised a(cid:374)d co(cid:374)ti(
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MACEWANECON-101Patrick Mc GuinnessFall

ECON-101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Chief Operating Officer, Royal Institution Of Chartered Surveyors, Scale-Invariant Feature Transform

OC5205447 Page
20 Feb 2016
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