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Week 5 Readings 08/02/2013 5:35:00 PM Culture and Death Levels of of casuality of death considered in population studies are proximate, intermediate and ultimate causes  Proximate: one that is closest to outcome o i.e. dehydration  Intermediate: an offset of the proximate cause o i.e. dehydration  malnourishment (from dirty-watered breast milk formula)  Ultimate: entails the analysis of the deeper economic, political and social factors that put a particular individual at increased risk of dying Infanticide Deliberate killing of offspring  Direct Infanticide o death of child/infant from beating, smothering, poisoning, or drowning  Indirect Infanticide o subtle process, involving prolonged practices such as food deprivation, failure to take a sick infant to the clinic or failure to provide appropriate weather clothing Motives may include  infant is deformed  sex of infant  adulterous conception  unwed mother  twins  poverty  too many children Infant Mortality Rate: deaths of children under the age of one year per birth  Some religion approves of infanticide of weak or sickly children – mothers believe their dead babies are “angel babies” Sex Ratio: the number of males per 100 females in a population Dowry or Groom
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