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Dr. Sorge Hospitality

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Antonio Sorge

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Hospitality, Friendship, and the Outsider in
Highland Sardinia
Hospitality has very specific rules and meanings, and it is about more than
providing food and drink. It includes associated forms of commensal solidarity
and the offering of personal sympathy.
A closed corporate community restricts memberships to those people that are born
and raised within that community
“A guest starts off as a potential source of danger and must be tamed”
o As a stranger entering into a foreign place, you are constantly being
o People are watching you, wondering what are your motives in being in
that particular cities
o Others will investigate you until they feel that you can be trusted.
As a outsider, to gain rapport in a amongst members of society can be one of the
most difficult tasks.
To be in a certain community, you must be born into it. It is not something you
can just become.
The article mainly talks about hospitality and how to gain a stranger’s trust.
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