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ANTHROP 2R03 Chapter all: Madumo Chapter Notes

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Ellen Badone

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Religion, Magic & Witchcraft
Madumo A Man Bewitched Chapter Notes
Chapter 1 Where’s Madumo:
Madumo (main character)
Takes place in Soweto, South Africa (20th century)
Madumo’s house – Mphahlele Street
Madumo’s sister – Ouma
Zion Christian Church (Bishop Lekganyane)
House has a lot of liquor (weird for zion’s who okedge abstain)
Madumo left the house after the mother passed away
Madumo’s friend says he is no longer like he used to be
Madumo was 25 when he met the author
Madumo is often though of as a ‘thug’
His friends call him madman because his eccentricities and enthusiasms have brought
them close to disaster
Madumo accused of using witchcraft to murder his mother
Chapter 2 Madumo’s Curse:
Madumo having troubles since mother died
Author payed for Madumo to get a degree
Mother died of debilitating illness
Zion church told Madumo’s brother that it was because of witchcraft coming from within
the family
Madumo was blamed
Madumo chased away from family
Considers himself cursed
Witchcraft an everyday reality
Madumo tried to kill himself by jumping infront of train… did not go through with it
Madumo believes his mother was bewitched but not by him
Cant honour ancestors with feast cause it costs too much money
Madumo feels he has dishonoured his ancestors
Ancestors want presence and acknowledgement
Serious problems with witchcraft require specialist treatment by healers
Insists the ancestors are causing his problems
Chapter 3 In the City
Madumo did not leave his home easily
Wanted proof that he was the one who used witchcraft
Madumo’s brother burnt his blanket and tossed his belongings out
Wandered to a station and hoped the Zulus would come and massacre him so he would be
remembered a hero
Got on train and headed to Naledi

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Headed into the city with no ticket or money
Downtown Johannesburg
Ben and Ike watchman for building Madumo comes across
o Give him bananas and fire to warm
Madumo father left them and started new family in another town
The family depended on the eldest brothers charity
Went back to Ben and Ike’s place where they rent to 3 dozen people
Finished school exams
Got job selling fireworks from Chinese trader
Earned 20 Rands per day
He stole all the fireworks and sold them to someone for 600 rands
Madumo wanted to buy groceries (meat, rice and toiletries and a cake) to bring to his
family to forgive and forget
Madumo could see he was not welcome in his home
Began selling drugs to inmates
Started selling counterfeit currency
Ends with Madumo selling the rest of his fakes and living on the streets surviving on
donations and hand outs
Chapter 4 Breakfast Stories
Madumo really believes he is cursed
Author is thinking about paying for Madumo to have feast for ancestors
Might go see a inyanga or prophet
Mamfete nice elderly women who author stayed with (calls her mother)
o Very nice
o Opens house to lots of people
Witchcraft a big part of their culture
MaMfete thinks madumo could have bewitched his mother or that she was witched by
someone else
They do not think hospitals help
o Always go to spiritual healers/prophets/witchdoctors
Inysngas seem very popular
Mabanana herbalist very popular
Tokoloshe short hariy creature with enormous genitals and a voracious appetite for
using them
MaMfete has story of times she was potentially witched
o White bear story turns into dog
Chapter 5 Diagnosis
Mpho and Madumo friends since school
Madumo and outcast Mpho as protector
Locals used to say madumo’s mom was witch
Two types of healers
o Traditional (inyangas or sanfomas)
Heal by virtue of their special calling form ancestral spirits

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Heal with herbs
o Christian prophet
Communicate with the holy spirt
Heal with holy water
Madumo purchases herbs from traditional healers and encountered countless prophets in
the Zion Chritian Church
Visit two prophets before consulting the inyanga
o First to busy
o Second MaRadebe told he lost contact wirh his ancestors
Inyanga Mr. Zondi consulted with his ancestors; told to come back with 6 candles and
o Burnt some imphepho (herb)
Mpho and author did not think this inyanga was accurate
o Told incorrect info about a past girlfriend
Said she wanted marriage
He wasn’t there for their child; couldn’t pay child support; ran from her
Madumo thinks the info is accurate and thinks he is powerful
Adam (author) is skeptic and thinks anyone could guess the info told
Madumo convinced but unwanted to expose details of what they talked about
Would cost 650 rands (6 months rent)
Mr. Z will wash in a special herb then vomit with other herbs and then insert spout into
rectum for something??? Then some protection (cut with razor) then slaughter white hen
for ancestors
Madumo doesn’t want to try another inyanga
Wont try ZCC (free) which are renowned for their work against witch
Madumo has tried suicide many times but it is hard
Madumo is having terrible nightmares
Feared sleep
Madumo thinks the inyanga will help with his family troubles as well (through herbs)
These herbs are helped by Madumo’s belief and faith in Mr. Z
Madumo’s mother feared of being witched so she put in places guidelines for her funeral
instead of falling tradition
Madumo has 100% faith in Mr.Z being real
Adam agreed to give Madumo the 650 rands only if he could meet Mr. Z
Chapter 6 Talking of Witches
Modeiehi partly believes in witches
The educated people believe the most
They have the most to lose
Doesn’t belive adam is safe from witches just because he is white
She went to a prophet one time for a lightning bird thingy
Lots of talk about a witching that drove a family mad due to this young women treating
an elderly man (her husband) terribly
Everyone in the community knows that lady is a witch
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