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Commerce 3FA3 Chapter 21 International Corporate Finance TerminologyCrossrate The implicit exchange rate between two currencies usually nonUS quoted in some third currency usually the US dollarsEurobond International bonds issued in multiple countries but denominated in a single currency usually the issuers currencyEurocurrency Money deposited in a financial centre outside of the country whose currency is involvedExport Development Canada EDC Federal Crown Corporation that promotes Canadian exports by making loans to foreign purchasers Foreign bonds International bonds issued in a single country usually denominated in that countrys currencyGilts British and Irish government securities including issues at local British authorities and some overseas publicsector offeringsLondon Interbank Offer Rate LIBOR The rate most international banks charge one another for overnight Eurodollar loansSwaps Agreements to exchange 2 securities or currencies Exchange Rate The price of ones countrys currency expressed in another countrys currencyTypes of Transactions Spot
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