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Chapter Movie notes

HLTHAGE 2B03 Chapter Movie notes: A Child’s Grief

Health, Aging and Society
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Movie notes

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A Child’s Gief - movie/documentary
ho it’s diffeet fo adult's poess
a group of children sit around and bring something that reminds them of the person that they loved that
had died and talk about its significant
had to deal ith feeligs eause e a’t eally otol the
in our society, its comfortable to talk about feelings
We tell people to feel ou feeligs ut it’s easie said tha doe. I that ase e hae a easie tie to
feel our feelings through example.
Negative connotation with not getting out of grief/bereavement - it’s a process. It’s always going to be
with you.
when you lose a sibling you also lose your parents because they are actively grieving the death of their
parents/adults misead ehaiou ad thik that thei hilde do’t ae aout the loss of thei silig.
At times children with draw something over and over again because they need it communicate it with
someone even themselves. they need it to be out in the world instead of just in their head.
thee is o good at o ad at. Ee if the pitue does’t ake sense you have to let them express
A child needs reassurance. Allow them to play or draw, sing, listen to music they will e able to have a tool
to say how they are feeling. Sometimes using words is not possible for them and they become literally at a
loss for words when it comes to expressing their emotions and feelings.
Greif is like an onion and every time you peel away you find a different layer. You never get over it you
end up revisiting it.
Part of the reason an adult think's that childe do’t giee is eause hilde oue ak uike.
Some adults say that they see children even laughing at the funeral which many may find disturbing but
the feelings and reactions are different for adults and children.
Often children try to protect their parents - be willing to talk about it.
Cultue teds to ut kids out of the gief ad death poess. Soe people do’t thik hilde should e at
the funeral which many children end up resenting that fact.
Soiety does’t pepae you fo death, you have to do it yourself
Gary, five siblings, 3 children died in a car accident and he was telling us about it with a lot of emotion on
his face and in his words
The oy that lost his siste to the olle oast, says he does’t like to sho his eotions even to his
paets eause it akes the y ad he does’t at to ake the y. He said that he also hits his
head sometime to make the sad thoughts out of his head.
The girl that lost her mother: she says that people treat her different, she understands that we should
have good and bad dreams, and that everyone experiences things differently
o Older sister says: when people expect you to cry all the time it makes you clam up more
Chronological age and psychological age the difference.
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