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Chapter 11

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Jennifer Ostovich

Chapter 11 THE WORKINGS OF THE UNCONSCIOUS MIND DEFENSESLIPSdefense mechanisms techniques that ego uses to keep certain thoughts and impulses hidden in order to avoid anxietyo because some thoughts make you too uncomfortable or would put you in big trouble if expressedconsciously aware of them Freudian slipsparapraxesthoughts words actions that leak outo Due to ineffective defense mechanisms o Provides important clues about activities of the unconscious mind Withumor mechanism to allow an impulse or feeling that is ordinarily seen as inappropriate to be enjoyable and acceptableANXIETYcan be generated by outside stresses or by conflicts within the mind itselfrangeAnxiety from psychic conflict tension between 3 aspects of realityo id what you want want to go to partyo ego what is possible what is the rational thing to do practical consequences if i study hard more likely to get an A which is pleasant o superego what is right moral judgement i should be studying hard because my parents are investing psychic conflict when the mind battles itselfresult anxiety ego and superego will push impulse below threshold of action and AWARENESSnever know you were tempted o may not know the source of anxiety what caused dislike etc Freud believed that most people at times feel sexual attraction toward members of the same sexjust pushed out of action and awarenesso Impulse is a persistent source of anxiety but they may not become aware of this source of discomfort Ego psychologists believe that compromise formation is the most important function of the egoo Ego helps every part get a bit of what it wantssuperego condemns porn id loves it ego formulate a compromise in which he becomes an antipornography crusader Id want freedom superego guilty from divorceego leave wife but never enjoy another women rejected two attractive women Vague anxiety when you dont know whypsychoanalytic therapy sought to uncover and relieve hidden sources of anxiety Realistic anxiety Anxiety generated by outer world terror management theory many of our thought processes and motivations are based on an effort to deal with and avoid thinking about death anxiety producing aspects of life relationships school performance career aspirations threat to self esteem is it good to experience anxiety Distort reality to avoid anxietyhappier experience better mental health But if we avoid it we are avoiding signs that something is not rightavoid dealing with underlying problem Little anxiety early can save lot of anxiety later students who try to forget about exam are only better off short term then they are less happyKeep anxiety within boundso Too little fail to sensibly handle problems too much nonfunctionalo Need to face reality but at some times little distortion becomes necessary DEFENSE MECHANISMS tools that ego has to keep anxiety levels tolerable organized by Anna Freudused by the unconscious part of the ego as soon as they detect a potential source of anxiety 1 Denial o refuse to acknowledge source of anxietyfail to perceive ito short run common and effective long run lack of contact with realityo keeps individual from being overwhelmed by initial shock as other resources are being gathered to deal with ito often used temporarily to give themselves a bit of time to recollect thoughts eg after failing a testand then reapproach the problem with more realistic solutions such as studying harder or invoking more LT
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