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Religious Studies
Carterand La Rose

Religious Studies 1B06 POSTMODERN RELIGEON From World Religions Today Canadian Edition by John L Esposito Darrell J Fasching Todd Lewis Paul Bowlby Homework Readings from World Religions Today Modern Colonialism Pg 2830Post Modern Trends Pg 3133Encounter with Modernity Modern day Judaism Pg 6466Post Colonial Christianity The United States and Canada Pg 165171Islam in the West Pg 222228Hindus in Canada Pg 285287Buddhism in Canada Pg 341354Sikhismits encounter with Modernity Pg 354363Modern ColonialismthIn 19 century synergy of science economics and technology prospered amoung dominant European nations esp EnglandFranceThis led to the need for building COLONIAL EMPIRESthThese colonial empires were paralleled in the 20 century by those of only ONE Asian country Japan By 1914 most of world was under the domination of the Western European Culture Russians and British controlled about 13 of globeBritish Empire had the largest population 15 of human race leading to nearly 400 million peopleFrance controlled more than 50 million colonial subjects Spread of science technology and capitalism along with colonial politics was accomplished with a PATERNALISM that was traumatic to the indigenous cultures and their religionSocial authority of religion was undermined by the new scientific rationalist who believed that their accounts of reality in contrast to the mythsstories of religion of what really was
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